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Newsletters  2010


May 2010 - PDF Version

Newsletter - 2, 2010



 January 2010 - PDF Version 

  • New Years Resolutions - Positive Changes in your Organisation
    Most New Year resolutions are broken by 3 January, reports MIND mental health charity. MIND are pressing for us to focus on positive changes in your organisation So what are the positive changes that you can make in 2010? Here are some ideas:
  • Irish Employment law and HR practice updates
    Irish Employment law and HR practice updates with regard to Rescheduling Holiday on Annual Leave due to iIlness The decision, a new interpretation of the working time directive, follows the ECJ’s ruling on the Stringer case earlier this year that holiday continues to accrue during sick leave. Stringer found that a worker could carry leave forward, even into the next year, if he or she is “unable to take leave through no fault of his own”, but left open the question of what would happen if sickness coincided with scheduled leave...
  • Government Employment Subsidy Scheme
    The Irish Government Employment Subsidy Scheme to be extended to more companies with increased funding.The scheme,provides a maximum employment support grant of €9,100 per worker for 15 months...
  • Behaviours we don’t want to repeat!
    If we look at how we got to this stage it is clear that the way in which business leaders have acted or behaved have contributed to a large extent to the position we now find ourselves in - so let us have a look at what bad behaviour in business has been happening and why going forward we must make sure that they are eradicated
  • Performance Reviews
    The Performance Review process can have a number of benefits and beneficiaries, as individual and business performance should improve as quality feedback improves performance – that benefits everyone! - Call us now to find out how to implement Successful performance review strategies in your company.

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