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Teva Pharmaceuticals

Tonic 4 Business Case Study

teva pharmaceuticals

Tonic4business were asked to help the central and eastern European region of Teva Pharmaceuticals. This was a new business region formed out of the integration of IVAX Pharmaceuticals into the Teva structure. Our first task was to build a vision, strategy and culture for the region, ensuring that the 1,200 employees were aligned and engaged with Teva global strategy.

To begin, we worked with the organisation to design and develop a leadership conference which was attended by over 100 senior managers from across the region and Teva’s global organisation. The conference proved a huge success and marked a significant turning point in the region’s development.


"Throughout the process, Mary walked us through each stage, from concept development and content design to breakout workshops on strategic topics. She coordinated everything, from conference branding to technical support. This was a very well organised and professionally run operation.” 

Eli Shohet, Chief Integration Officer & Senior VP Teva Pharmaceuticals Europe.

The next stage of development for the Region was to consolidate a regional strategy and develop the teamwork and leadership skills of the senior management team. Tonic4business designed a 4 day Workshop for the Senior Team.  As part of the workshop, the managers were asked to complete a team assessment which formed the basis for a new teamworking framework with a common purpose, common set of objectives and greater role clarification of support functions.


“Prior to the workshop, we were operating as individuals focussing on our own areas and countries of responsibility, during the workshop we started to become a Team with a common purpose and a clearer understanding of how we could achieve more by working together. Without the support and facilitation of Tonic 4 Business, the transition would not have been possible and Regional growth targets would not have been met.”   

Eli Shohet, Chief Integration Officer & Senior VP Teva Pharmaceuticals Europe.


“Tonic 4 Business have consistently provided excellent and practical HR solutions to address the complex issues arising out of the integration of two multinational businesses. They always take into account the overall business goals and local cultures of individual countries. Mary has demonstrated the ability to work with teams and individuals of different levels, professions and cultural backgrounds, gaining a thorough understanding of the business. As a result, her recommendations were positively received and contributed to the region’s success. She is a trusted business partner and a pleasure to work with.”

Niki Price, HR Director, New Regional Markets, Teva Pharmaceuticals


Feedback from the Conferences

  • “I’ve just returned from the conference full of inspiration. The event was perfectly organised and managed from beginning to end, thanks to you and all the other contributors.”
    Senior Marketing Manager, Kiev.
  • “Thank you for everything. It was the best workshop I’ve attended in years and there was a great team taking care of everything.”
    Senior Director, Commercial Operations.
  • “Thank you very much for the wonderful conference in Budapest last week. It was a pleasure and honour to participate in it.”
    Sales & Logistics, Commercial Operations

teva pharmaceuticals Leadership


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"Without the support and facilitation of Tonic 4 Business, the transition would not have been possible and Regional growth targets would not have been met.”         
Eli Shohet,
Chief Integrating Officer & Senior VP , Teva Pharmaceuticals Europe

"As a result of the Design 4 Growth programme we have developed a 3-5 year business and organisation development plan which will give us great flexibility as we grow.”
Patsy Carney & Tom Brennan,
EirGen Pharma