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Employee Advice Line

What is it?

The employee advice line is targetted at employees who are looking for some work related advice from an independent Human Resource Professional. The aim of the advice line is to help support employees who generally are not part of a union or who do not want to engage a solicitor. Often employees who are not part of a Union or do not have a strong Staff representative group can feel aggrieved but unable to confide or discuss the issue with anyone else in the organisation. The Employee Advice Line enables employees to discuss the issue, get some external advice / support which can often help them deal with the issue and enable them to resolve the matter and remain in employment.Employee Advice

Who is it for?

Generally the people who avail of the service are non-unionised employees or managers and who feel that they would benefit from discussing the matter with an independent HR professional who will listen to their concerns and provide support and guideance to help them address these concerns.

How does it work?

Step 1. The 1st thing that you need to do is to complete the form below with your contact details, non-work email address and contact phone number – with a brief outline of what the query / issue is.

Step 2. You will then be contacted by Tonic 4 Business either by phone or by email who will outline how they can help.

Step 3. If you are happy to proceed you then deposit a consultation fee of €30.00 on the paypal account.

Step 4. Tonic 4 Business will then provide you with a full response to your query.

Step 5. If you are happy with the advice you acknowledge this to pay pal and payment will be processed. If you are unhappy then you notify Tonic 4 Business and they inform paypal to return the monies to you / your account. If you need additional advice this will be discussed with Tonic 4 Business and any additional charges discussed and agreed.

What if I am not happy with the advice?

If you are unhappy with the advice or feel it does not address your issue then your monies will be refunded in full
(see step 5 ).

! If you are worried and need advice then don't go though it alone

! Get professional advice and know where you stand

! There is NO CHARGE for this initial enquiry

Employee advice line Employee advice line Employee advice line

*We recommend you do NOT use a workplace email address*

*Please refer to the terms & conditions below

You are welcome to Contact Us if you have any questions


Terms and Conditions

All conversations, email correspondance is confidential and should not be disclosed to a third party without the prior permission from either the 1st party (Tonic 4 Business) or the 2nd party (the client).

Tonic 4 Business aims to ensure that the advice given is suitable to the client and to the relevant circumstances. However it is recognised that Tonic 4 Business will not have access to all information in relation to the matter raised by the client and so can only provide support and advice based on the information provided by the client and in accordance with Irish Employment Law and general good Human Resource Practice.

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